The Leadership Team

“Along with our team of coaches and mentors, we would be thrilled to have you be part of an EQUIP Britain International team.”

David & Teresa Fittro

Executive Director &
Administrative Director

David & Teresa have lived and worked in England since 1991. They lived in Northampton and Nottingham before relocating to Birmingham in 2015. Their ministries have included church plants and missional communities with teens and adults. They have two amazing children, Nathanael and Rachael, who were born and raised in England, and they receive great joy from knowing they are involved in mission work.

The Fittro’s passion for being and making healthy disciples led them to start EQUIP Britain International in the 2nd largest city in the United Kingdom. As life-long learners, they welcome the opportunity to learn and grow with each EQUIP team. In addition, David and Teresa lead a house church and are involved in various discipleship relationships.

Jennifer Newingham

Coach & Administration

Jennifer works and lives in the super-diverse city of Birmingham, England. After spending ten years in early childhood education, she trained with EQUIP Britain International and moved into full-time ministry.

As a part of a church planting team, Jennifer desires to make disciples who make disciples, creating a movement for Christ. Utilising Contagious Disciple-Making (CDM) strategies modelled on the life and ministry of Jesus, she focuses on building relationships with a few to impact many. She is the Community Minister of Religion with Global Community Church, a Coach and Administrator with EQUIP Britain International, and a Visionary Leader for a growing social media ministry.

Jennifer loves to walk along the canals and in the city centre and loves working in coffee shops, listening to music, reading, and crafting.

Tim & Tammy Aho

Spiritual Formation

Tim and Tammy arrived in the Birmingham area in 1994. During that time, they planted a church and experimented with a simple form of church to learn more about mission and discipleship. They moved into the inner city in 2015, where they started a missional community with friends, launched missional training, formed discipleship groups, and began mentoring with EQUIP Britain International. The Ahos are passionate about seeing people follow Jesus and just as excited to help disciples mature and multiply themselves.

Tim grew up in Minnesota and loves the game of ice hockey. While his playing days have diminished, he still enjoys refereeing. Tammy was born in Oregon and enjoys watching a good movie with Tim to relax. Together, they have raised two children, Andrew and Jess, in England. They now reside in California, and Tim and Tammy are grateful for the ease of modern technology to converse.